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Wallace Research & Investigations
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Assets & Background Investigations



WRI provides quality service that is:

• Thorough, tenacious, and meticulous
• Accurate and detailed
• Professional and experienced

WRI provides sound and reliable investigative research for:

• Attorneys
• Banks and Financial Institutions
• County Agencies
• Environmental and Real Estate Concerns
• Individuals and Families
• Insurance Companies
• Non-profit Agencies
• Retail & Wholesale Merchants
• Venture Capital and Investment Firms

WRI provides personal coverage in:

• Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Area counties
• San Francisco Bay Area counties
• Other counties, as necessary and practical

WRI uses a network of contacts to handle matters in other geographic and specialty areas statewide, nationwide, and internationally.

WRI will assist you by:

• Working closely with you to tailor tasks to suit your needs
• Ensuring high quality, accurate, cost effective, confidential results
• Keeping current with industry issues, methods, and laws
• Thinking outside the box and using intuitive and psychological reasoning

Finding the pieces and putting them together!