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Assets & Background Investigations



We Find the Pieces

WRI has a history of successes in locating individuals and all types of records. WRI uses web-based search engines and proprietary database services, as well as manual, in-person primary sources. We strive to provide you with as detailed, complete, and telling information as possible.

Finding Individuals

WRI can assist you by locating individuals who need to be served, or to be interviewed, or who need to be found for whatever lawful, ethical reason. We specialize in finding individuals:

• Who do not want to be found
• Who have moved on to another job, another town ,or another life
• Who either are or are not trying to hide
• Who may add insight to a problem or issue
• Who witnessed an incident and either were or were not listed in any reports
• Who are missing heirs, relatives, or friends

Finding Records

Another WRI specialty is in conducting current and historical records research to piece together background and due diligence information on an individual, a company, or a group of individuals and their company affiliations.

WRI conducts research to ascertain assets of an individual or an entity. WRI will retrieve documentation if available and needed. Some of the records we find include the following:

• Address Histories
• Bankruptcies, Liens, and Judgments
• Building Permits and Property Maps
• Business Ownership
• Civil and Criminal Court Cases
• Corporate Records
• Environmental Matters
• Licensure Information
• Marriage, Divorce, and Birth Records
• Property Transaction Records
• Trademark and Intellectual Property Issues
• UCC Filings
• Vehicle, Trailer, Boat, and Plane Registrations